Thursday, July 21, 2005

Painting with S.

private lessons with seven-year-old S.:

follow the ant around the outside of the shape

mixing mixing mixing the teeniest amounts

slosh in the water jar, dab on the sponge

i know how to paint bamboo 'cause it's growing in my backyard

foreground middleground background, place him IN the land

this ground around the tiger looks sorta like monet, 'cause i did those brushstrokes

can i get a drink of water let me tell you about my neopets

let's just finish this glaze that's a good stopping point for today

HI Jana!!!

this entry cracks me up!!! I can totally picture it!! :)

so glad you are in the "public blog world" now.....:)

I miss seeing you!
you have been in my thoughts and prayers.......
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