Thursday, July 21, 2005

Art and Fear....

....the title of a great book for artists. Addresses the excuses we make in order to NOT make art. One I need to re-read!

However! I spent hours drawing yesterday! It was fabulous. First I warmed up on the chi's; they were perfect gesture models, as they tended to move around every 30 secs. and then freeze. :) Tiny chihuahuas in various poses, spread out all over the page.

Then I worked on a pencil portrait of a Haitian child that I started about TWO years ago and never finished. ( I hear the phrase "fear of failure" ringing in my ears.) And I finished it!

Someday I'll get a digital camera and display it here. The drawing, I mean.

I think I've read that book. 'How to Procrastinate your Passions.' It's good, because I've mastered this topic. In my mind I am making amazing art all the time. It's really impressive. What? What did you say? Produced anything? Oh no. Too busy.
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