Monday, January 10, 2005


Hmmmm, throwing thoughts into the vast webby unknown is an odd feeling. Hopefully, this will be a blog that enables me to process and share thoughts on teaching art, life, etc....I predict a wobbly and boring start. But perhaps I'll get warmed up after awhile.

Today, my class finally finished their Matisse collages....Meanwhile, in poetry, which I teach to Sixth grade, I am thrilled with the fun we're having with Kipling....(I'm at a Classical school, so we have subjects like "Poetry" and "Shakespeare.") Their semester exams, in which they were to write about K's life and work, gave me of those rare moments when you realize your class has really, really digested something you've taught and are jumping to tell back what they know....Last week in poetry, I ditched old Rudyard's poetry and we had Kipling storytime--read some of his "Just So" Stories....a good time was had by all. I had never read any of these before and couldn't believe how funny I found them.

Signing off her very first blog entry,


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