Thursday, July 24, 2008

It Sucks When...

...the ceiling falls into your son's crib. Thankfully, he WASN'T in the crib, but I went in the room to put him down for a nap and ta da! Yucky mess. Jana, this happened shortly after I got off the phone with you this morning. Reminds me of your ceiling and the chihuahuas!!

oh my word!!!! gross! I am certainly thankful that he wasn't in there. Maybe it was providential that he was fussy??
AAAAAHHHHH! I am so sorry!!!!!
yeah, now i'm SOOOOO glad he was fussy today and off his normal sleep schedule. he would've been in there when it happened!!!
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That's crazy! Praise God that he was with you. Man, that would have REALLY shaken me. Are you doing okay?
i'm ok. thanks, kellsey. sól had a particularly fussy/needy day, so i'm tired, but we're fine. the cuddles tonight before his bedtime were extra special.

the landlord had someone remove the insulation and look into the leak. it should be repaired and back to normal soon. we're sleeping in another room tonight.
OMG!!! Too many weird things have been happening lately! But at the same time we have seen God at work and know that these incidences could have been so much more severe if He would have not been there in the middle of them! So glad precious Sól is ok!!
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