Friday, May 02, 2008

networking madness

i just joined facebook (for lots of reasons) and ask me what i've gotten done today. nothing. my house is a mess, my child needs a bath, but i'm connected. oh, man. i'm connected. craziness. you can reconnect with people you don't really even care to reconnect with...

anyway, i feel like i just got my first email address or something. i also have a profile on linkedin and i got a couple of photo gigs from it last year. nice.

Finally! :)
i feel better knowing that you and m are nearby. did he tell you about the self-portrait comment? hee hee.
lol, yeah am in love with FB.
have connected with a few students i taught 18 years ago.
talk about flashback lol X
MB--yes he showed it to me. hee hee.
How about a FaceBook for Dummies for those of us uninitiated?
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