Friday, May 23, 2008

¡Ay Chihuahuas!

¡Ay Chihuahuas! (This is an expresion that my spanish-speaking parents use on a regular basis. It always makes me laugh.)
And speaking of Chihuahuas: Sweetpea, didn't your dogs participate in a race like this?

photo ©Dustin Snipes

hay chihuahuas!! yes, gizmo raced in a race exactly like this. we found out about it the day before. he never left his box--he just looked at me and shivered.
That's because Gizmo's not really a dog. Chihuahuas should not be in the same category as like German Sheperd' know REAL dogs. : )
my friend calls them "dog-shaped objects." i think that's fair.

although i will say, i've seen 3 lb. Tina try to take the head off a German shepherd. we literally had to pull her away from him. he just looked down at her, puzzled.
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