Thursday, May 15, 2008

6 months!!

This past Sunday (mother's day!!) marked Sól's 6 months of happy air-breathin' life. I can't believe how quickly time has passed. The three of us spent Mother's Day sharing a cold, but we were together all day and that's what counts. :)

Sól has been sitting up on his own for about a month now. Last week he started pushing up onto his hands and knees! And just two days ago he really started babbling and trying to make more word-like sounds. We get a kick out of it b/c sometimes we think we hear him say "Hey!", "Yeah", and his new favorite "dadadada." Sól seems to love alliteration and we can always get a good laugh when we say, "Jalepeño pepperoni pizza." He thinks it's hilarious. He loves to swim and so far his favorite food is carrot. I love being a mom.

Stephen will be presenting his thesis on Monday and by next friday he'll be completely done with his graduate program!!! Right now we're all hangin' in there as Stephen is incredibly busy and I've been swamped with some unexpected photo work. We have sweet, wonderful friends that have stepped in to watch Sól when needed. At the end of May the three of us will be vacationing in the Florida Keys!!! We can't wait.

All such exciting things!!! I cannot believe Sol is 6 mo!
That baby is super delicious!!
hey lizard, recognize the little tie-dye shirt in the first photo?
YAY!!-So cute AND hip. :)
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