Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who is MB and what happened to WG?

I just want to say thanks for supporting me through my name change. :)
Here's the story again about Mexican Beauty:

when i was in college i bought a mango one day. the sticker on the mango said "mexican beauty." to be funny i put the sticker on my driver's license and the name just stuck with my friends. stephen calls me MB regularly and for our anniversary this year he bought me a mango. :)

And speaking of being Mexican, this Mexican-American Texas girl who grew up listening to her parents speak spanish but never using it (me) is trying to teach her son Spanish. Our Texas trip was Spanish boot camp for me and I've only been speaking to Sól in Spanish ever since. It's been easier than I expected, but it's also been a lot of work. My brain hurts at the end of the day. The idea is that I speak only Spanish and Stephen speaks only English and Sól will learn both at home.

Will keep y'all updated on this. I'm brushing up on my grammar and learning new vocab all the time. One of Sol's new favorite books is La Oruga Muy Hambrienta (The Very Hungry Catepillar.)

That's great MB!! Our friends do that here. She speaks only spanish to her kids and her husband only speaks english to them. They are fluent in both and its funny that they both see spanish as being the only acceptable way to speak to their mommy. Its special. Spanish has become the comfort language for them. Its really sweet.
woohoo MB, love your story.
we have a *yummy* brand of fruit here, so the race is always on to stick those stickers on unsuspecting kiddos...
*love* that Sól will grow up bilingual, way to go mommy X
Love that he will be bilingual, what a gift you are giving him.
that's so awesome!! all of it...

i LOOOOOVE the story about the mexican beauty mango :)

and i think it's so awesome you guys are doing that with the languages. sometimes i really hope i marry someone who is fluent in another language so we can do that (although then my kid and my husband would both know a language i didn't, and that part would suck).

i'm anxious to hear how this goes!
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