Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sól's Sleepy Song

My baby sings himself to sleep every day. He's been doing this for several months now. It seems to work really well. I think I might try it myself...

That is so sweet. I am happy to see another baby do this. Our baby does it too but our older ones never did. He is more of a moan yourself to sleep baby. He does it in the car, in the bed, in my arms...very soothing to him and it makes me laugh.
That is too sweet! I want to hold that baby!!
that's adorable!!! i've honestly never seen or heard of a baby doing that before (not that i'm an expert, but still).

that's amazing :)
So precious! I call it the last ditch effort to stay awake when JTC does it.
actually this sounds a lot like your "phlah, phlah......"
That was so precious. I didn't want the video to end.
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