Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meltdown on Aisle 5...

I had my first real public "i want to pull my hair out" Mommy moment yesterday at Target. Baby was hungry and I thought I had a few more minutes before he might really notice that he was hungry. He started to cry...I gave him a teething biscuit straight from the un-paid-for box...he started screaming and kept chewing at the same a matter of minutes there was biscuit mess all over his face, hands, clothes...i picked him up b/c he wouldn't stop screaming...biscuit mess all over me...i wanted to leave right then, but i hadn't paid for the biscuit!!...check -out lane with screaming biscuit-covered baby...teller was slow and unhelpful...finally arrived at the car and baby got to eat...

phew. i can laugh now, but wasn't laughing then...

i forgot to mention the part where he grabs the plastic hanger off his baby clothes in the cart while i'm not looking and proceeds to stick it down his throat. he started to gag and turn red...this was all minutes before the meltdown described above.
ugh. There have been moments where by the time I have strapped the kid into car, by force, I am just sweating. I once had to pull Sam through the mall while pregnant with him screaming at the top of his lungs. Fun.
oh, girl. so sorry!!
Girlfriend! I am so sorry! I have also SO BEEN THERE. My favorite time was when Aidan was screaming at the top of his lungs in the grocery store and frantically trying to climb up and out of my arms and over my back (which would have resulted in a major face-first crash on the linoleum floor). I was probably about 7 months pregnant with Honor at the time. I had several old ladies walk by me with angry looks in my direction. One of them even had the nerve to say, "whatever did you do to him?"

NOTHING!!! I did nothing!!!! He asked for something that I did not even have with me and when I told him I could not give it to him because I did not have it with me he LOST it.

Praise God for sympathetic people, though. Another young mom walked up and said, let me take him for you. She had two kids of her own with her who had to have been around 2 and 4 years old. He calmed down for her and she walked us all the way to the cash register. We checked out, said "Thank you" and she smiled and walked back to her own cart. It was amazing! I hope that you, too, will have the blessing sometime of having other young moms around (or anyone around) who is understanding and compassionate the next time Sol melts down.
Once, Sam had a meltdown at our YMCA pool. I had to drag him screaming through the building to the parking lot. Poor Ethan was tiny, but I could only hold his hand so his feet were barely touching the ground. Someone passed us and made a sound of sympathy for Sam and I said, "Don't feel sorry for him!!"

Hahaha-I can laugh now, but at the time I think I was seething.
I can't stand it anymore.

It's "Aisle," not "Isle."

Forgive me. My husband calls me the Grammar Police. Guess I'm the Spelling Police, too.
nerd. : )
ha ha!!! i think i'll leave it just for fun...

i used to be able to spell real good.
reeeeeal good. i actually mispelled a word on a vocab quiz i gave to juniors last night. serves me right. i was corrected by a student who's been in the US for like 3 years.
that's humbling huh??
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