Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Can I Change My Name?

So, I was just thinking that "Wedding Girl" doesn't really apply to me anymore. At some point I was a crazy wedding photography girl and I started a photoblog with that name and then kept it when I joined this sweetpea blog. But at this point I don't know if I'm even going to shoot a single wedding this year or in the future. (I'm hoping to focus more on portrait photography)

I'd love to change to a name that fits who I am now...but would that be too weird? Y'all all know me as WG. Any thoughts?

Well...obviously it should be 'Mexican Beauty'.
Oh, Lizard, I like that!

Roxana, you go ahead and change your screen name. That totally makes sense.
Besides, it'll be fun to see what suggestions get made!
I think you should explain "mexican beauty." And that that should definitely be your new name.
we voted...its done, Mexican Beauty. Tell the story!!!

ok. will change to mexican beauty!!

when i was in college i bought a mango one day. the sticker on the mango said "mexican beauty." to be funny i put the sticker on my driver's license and the name just stuck with my friends. stephen calls me MB regularly and for our anniversary this year he bought me a mango. :)
Hilarious...I thought it was a banana!!
i was thinking more along the lines of "foxy roxy" but "mexican beauty" will do. :)
MB, that's fabulous! Love it.

Very fun story, too.
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