Friday, March 28, 2008

Tis the season...

Well, its that AWFUL time of the year again, when I have to buy a suit to take my kids to the pool in. I google 'swimwear' and I get websites with strippers modeling gauze and ribbon **ok, I know I can't know for sure they are strippers.**

I want a suit that moves well and is flattering that doesn't look like it came from Lands End. Now, I have actually bought a suit before from them, but I just feel soo old wearing them. I've had babies and I can't hide that...but do I have to look matronly??? Problems areas??? Uhhh ...from my breasts down to my knees...Whatcha got???

I like alot of the suits at Athleta. Does anyone have a suggestion for me on where to look??

Arg! I really KNOW what you mean, Lizard! I wound up shopping during one of Nordstrom's major sales and found a "Miracle Suit" for about half price. It does wonderful things for my tummy, but the chest part does not fit me quite right.

Anyways, it really does make you look flat in the tummy (even if you've had two kids and are absolutely NOT firm in the tummy anymore, for example if you are me).

They are very expensive (I think) for a swimsuit, so if you can find them on sale it is definitely preferable. They are not as playful in their designs and prints as most bathing suits that I want to wear, but they do flatten and firm up the tummy, so I went with one of their suits anyway.

I would suggest googling them with the keywords "miracle suit sale" and see what you find.
You are not alone. I bought this suit last year and I love it, love it, love it. I loved it so much that I bought it in red too.

That's my suggestion. And it's on sale!
no idea about Land's End
although perhaps i *live* there?
i am going to be no help cos i insist on wearing a string bikini, and running up and down the beach shouting various accolades in favour of "Mummy Tummies!" etc.
ok just jokes about the running and shouting.
but i do try to celebrate my M.T.
blah blah. it's a bit wobbly, with stretch marks, but it's tanned and i don't care about all the other sixteen year olds. cos i know we Mummies are FABULOUS!!!!!

are you looking for something with underwire>> i did see something gorgy at Athleta that has a molded cup (i am definitely in favour of those lol) and maybe you couls team it with some cute board shorts (do you girls wear those? do you know what i mean? like shorts a sexy surfer boy would wear, 'cept Girl-Styles lol)
blah blah.
hope you're not sorry that you asked for suggestions lol
mwah X
I've seen you in your string bikini and you are gorgeous. Love handles just don't seem right with string....
no advice for you here...i live in boston and have managed to avoid going to a beach or swimming pool for like 5 years...i'll be taking notes, so let me know what you find!!
liz, what about trying my NO CARBS lifestyle?
i did it hard core for two months (yep, the NO PASTA, NO RICE, NO POH-TAY-TOES, NO BREAD one)
it really worked/works for me, i lost a kilo a week without feeling hungry at all. the trick is to eat a big banana and fruit (and spirulina) smoothie for brekkie, and a hundred grams of protein two-three times a day (cos that helps keep your muscle tone) and LOADS of fresh fruit/veggies (and resist the urge to clean up the kiddos' dinner plates lol). oh and drink water too, and i decided quite early on that CHOCOLATE IS A VEGGIE lol...

it's a bit of a head trip getting started, but hey: i am so glad i decided that losing weight and wobbly bits outsmarts eating cr*p.

(gosh, am i coming over too strong? just feeling liberated lol)

or maybe you could go into business producing your own Miracle Suits?
mwah X
My favorite suit is from J Crew. I'm not long waisted in the least, but I thought I'd give them a try a few years back. I think the trick is detail up top and solid under the "girls." And I always go for a dark color on the bottom.
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