Sunday, March 30, 2008

Greetings from Texas

Sol and I only have a few days left in Texas...we've really enjoyed our trip and are excited to see Stephen soon!! We've toured the state visiting friends and family. Sol has bathed in many kitchen sinks and smiled the whole way. We've even met some blogger friends like Martha and Tricia!! So fun.

New things that Sol started doing since we've been in Texas:

1. he's teething...chewing on fingers and teethers and drooling all over the place.
2. he does this high pitched screeching sound and loves the way it sounds. sweetpea's chihuahuas were concerned by the noise made by the tiny human...
3. he gets upset if you take something away that he wants to touch or play with.
4. he's grabbing at toys with more precision and intensity.
5. he sits up in the baby tripod position. (leaning fwd. both hands on the floor)
6. and starting last friday he travels around the floor during tummy time. i put him down in the middle of the blanket, left the room and when i returned he was off the blanket slowly scooting himself after a toy! it's definitely time to baby proof the house!!!!!

I was hoping to get a classic photo of Sol sitting in the bluebonnets, but we're both suffering from allergies and I'm not so sure it's a good idea.

the smiliest bebe i've met in a while. he's a champ.
He's so precious, WG.

I love that he is still small enough to sink bathe. It's so much fun, yes? Are you taking this picture or are you bathing him?
Sooo sweet. I LOVE them ears!!!
he's so adorable! and i love that picture :)

it was SO wonderful meeting you two! i'm sure you're anxious to get back to your husband and home, but texas will miss you. come back soon!
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