Friday, December 14, 2007

Weight Check

After almost 5 weeks Sol is still only a few ounces above his birth weight and our pediatrician is very concerned. Once again we've got the weekend to show some more weight gain and then go from there. I'm going to be pumping this weekend just to rule out the supply issue. (I'm pretty sure there's nothing wrong with supply, but we want to know for sure.) If he doesn't show significant weight gain by Monday then the doctor will start with blood tests and maybe an ultrasound to see what could be wrong. I would really appreciate your prayers for my little guy.

I am so sorry about this, WG. I am definitely praying for you guys.
calling you in the morning. love you.
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so far it's looking like it IS a supply issue. i've been pretty stressed out the last few days, but it's possible that i have never been making enough milk to keep the little guy growing. we're supplementing with formula for the weekend to see how that works.
Can you get a SNS?

I'm really sorry, WG. Praying for you.
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