Sunday, December 09, 2007

We Love Our Sling!

Sol's new favorite activity is riding in the sling during his awake time so he can peek out and see the world. When he gets tired of all the visual stimulation he can lay back and snooze in a cozy womb-like position. Thanks for the sling, sweetpea!!

aaahhhh! That is sooooo cute.

I'm sooooo happy it's working for you. Slings make me so happy--vicariously. :) Thanks for posting a pic.
As I said before, you have the same haircut. : ) He is delicious Rox!! He looks so snuggly!!
So So SO fantastic! We still love our sling, too. We didn't use one so much with our first child, but with our second child I have been using it a LOT. Now she mostly rides on my hip and the sling supports her so I can have my hands free. This is almost always what I use when dropping off/picking up my older child from preschool.
I have a black Peanut Shell sling that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
I am so glad that you are loving yours! And, I am even more happy that Sol seems to be loving it too!
OH MY GOODNESS!! He is just too cute!
yes, we do have the same haircut...i think his hair is longer than mine, though!

he is definitely a cutie. i can't stop kissing his cheeks!!
love your twin-ness.
you are a perfect *kanga and roo* lol, seriously, what a cute photo.
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