Monday, December 03, 2007

So, he only gained half an ounce over the weekend and the lactation nurse and pediatrician both think that his lack of weight gain, choking and lack of bm's are all related to the they've put him on zantac and we've got another checkup on wednesday. i've stopped pumping for now. it's a little frustating and confusing because he seems so content most of the day. he's not a fussy baby.

anyway, thanks for your encouraging words and prayers. we're doing fine other than that. we had a fun family bonding day yesterday just the three of us.

Lexi had bad reflux and the meds mae a world of difference. Gain, Sol, gain! Praying for you. Stress affects your supply, so try not to sweat it.
Rox-So sorry. I will pray the little mystery is solved soon and that the Zantac will help him!

Give Sol kisses for me!
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