Monday, December 17, 2007

Good News!!

We had a follow-up appointment this morning with the pediatrician and Sól had gained ONE POUND since thursday!! We're thrilled to know that it IS in fact a supply issue and not something wrong with him.

On friday I got an electric pump and started pumping, measuring and supplementing with formula. I was alarmed to realize that I could only get 1 oz. per breast every 2 hours. We supplemented the other 2 oz. with formula and voilá! he gained weight. Poor little guy has been hungry and we didn't know it!! He's been so content it was hard to know that anything was wrong.

Anyway, the plan is to keep pumping for the next week to try to increase milk supply. I've also started taking Fenugreek to see if it will help. In the meantime we will continue to supplement and offer him at least 4 oz. at each feeding.

Thanks again for your prayers!!!! I'll keep you updated.

I am SO VERY glad that he has started gaining weight, Roxanna. That is such good news. I hope that the pumping and the fenugreek will be effective increasers of your milk supply.

Again, I am SO SO SO glad that Sol is gaining!

YAy, such good news.!!

My lactation consultant swore by fenugreek. For me, what worked was rest. For every hour of sleep I got, I got another ounce of milk. Which is of course, complicated when you need to nurse more to make more.

Hope it keeps getting better. :)

Yay Rox!! My sister used fenugreek and it helped her a lot!!!

I tried to call today, I will try again soon!
Hi there, I've been reading your stories for a while now but I've never commented. (Aren't lurkers the worst?!?)

Anyway, WG, I just wanted to tell you that I had an identical situation with my first baby...I rememeber feeling so frustrated that I couldn't nourish him 100%, but also grateful that there is such a thing as formula (and fenugreek! Do you smell like maple syrup yet?) And FYI, my supply really increased for babies 2 and 3, I think because of how hard I worked with #1. So try to see that as a bit of encouragement, and remember that every drop of your milk he gets is wonderful, but the formula will make him big and strong, too.

Wow, long first comment.

Take care, all.
load off!!!

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