Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If you were lacking some good websites to waste time in, look no further. I just subscribed to DailyCandy. You will receive a daily email focused on an area like beauty&health, travel, kids, products, etc. What's great is that you can sign up for your local big city edition, so for us its San Francisco. On Monday's I will receive the new Kids edition and on Tuesday the Deals edition. So between DailyCandy, Etsy and blogging we will all be officially wasting tremendous amounts of time!

Personally I want to be this cute girl in the picture. Doesn't she look like she doesn't have a care in the world...

I've only been to SF once but this drawing makes me miss that fun city...especially Berkley, which was so cool.

Which area do you live, Lizard?
so fun! i checked out the boston edition.
We live in San Jose, which is 45 mins south of the city, but we are there often. I feel like we are driving to a big, fun, urban park every time we go. I truly feel blessed to live here. I love the land, the weather, but most of all, the people. I love that my kids are used to walking on city streets, riding subways and experiencing all kinds of people.
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