Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Well, after living here 5 years I have become an official Californian. I have survived an Earthquake. ** Ok we all did, but it felt HUGE to me**Last night right after 8pm I was at a friends house checking out her baby clothes for Mei. All of a sudden, I heard this rumbling. My first thought was that her husband had arrived home and was opening the garage door. But the rumbling got louder and I could feel it in my feet. I was hilariously slow on the uptake and still did not get what was going on, so my friend spelled it out for me by yelling, "Its an earthquake!" She runs to the kitchen doorway as I feel the floor bumping up and down beneath me and then swaying from side to side! I finally make it to her and basically grip on to her arm. At some point, she asks, "Is this your first??" I think the look of sheer panic gave her my answer. The whole thing lasted roughly 15 seconds. Cell phones were tied up immediately.

This is the largest quake since the devastating Loma Prieta earthquake. So it is significant. They have recorded 30 aftershocks throughout the night, but thankfully, they are too small to feel.

Andrew was home with the boys. Sam's evaluation was that it was "incredible." He layed on his top bunk and watched all his 'treasures' bounce around on his shelves. Ethan said it was a "superduper ride!!"

By the way, if you look at the map and find the word San Jose. We basically live right above the 'S'.

that's sounds like some crazy times!

Glad you guys were all alright.
did you pick out anything for Mei?
i heard about it this morning on the news!! so glad to hear that you're ok!!! i would be totally freaked out.

one reason NOT to move to california. although, experts say that the new england area has a quake every 500 to 900 years and that we're due for a big one soon and that because we're not prepared for quakes it would only take a 4.5 to cause serious damage...

happy thoughts.
Ooh scary, poor you! We have a lot of earthquakes in nz too. Hate them.
We just had another earthquake at 4pm. It was a 3.7. I felt the couch shudder, but nothing followed. Made my heart stop for a moment, but thankfully it was nothing. There have been over 60 aftershocks since the earthquake last night.
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