Saturday, October 27, 2007

Baby Corner

Lizard asked to see our baby space, so here it is. The second half of the room is still reserved for our office. We can't really afford to use the whole room for baby. We only have 800sq. ft of our little apartment to work with right now. =)

My weekly checkup went well yesterday. The midwife said that baby's around 7lbs already. So, I'm ready and just waiting...

YEA!!! for the baby corner!!!

How exciting! I don't know why, but seeing this just gets me so excited for you!

Thanks for sharing the photo collage--so fun!
oh, I love the baby corner!!!!! that quilt looks fabulous.
i'll have to post pictures of OUR baby corner in a few months!! :)

glad everything went well at the midwife.
Love it!! Thanks for showing I know where to imagine you palying with baby!!
Hey, Sweetpea, so fun that you will be having a baby corner, too! Will yours be in an office, a bedroom, living room?
kells--our baby corner will most likely be in our bedroom.... :0)
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