Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some lame pictures of Sweetpea's hair.

My husband is on a school-related trip and I can't seem to get a decent pic of myself. Here are a few from yesterday, freshly-cut, and from today, sans makeup and pre-shower. *(Just trying to keep my eyes open, Rox!) Actually, I don't think I'll make it into the shower today.....

It's darling! I love it in front of your ears as in the first picture.

About my hair-I went in for a simple trim. My hair had gotten really long and I like it about shoulder length. I need simplicity at this phase of my life-I like a good ponytail in the mornings. I told my gal all these things and she said she would not cut it short at all. Well, she pinned it up and cut in sections. Once it was cut the length was perfect. The she dried it and pinned it up and "thinned" it in sections. Thus the tears! I have never cried over a cut in my life, but this one pushed me over the edge. I really hate it. It is getting better as it grows, but I still hate it. She thinned it so much that a hair band falls out when I try to put it in a pony tail. And it is hot. It sticks to my neck and makes me sweat. I despise sweating!

You can thin my thighs, but please, don't thin my hair.
ha!! totally with you on the thighs thing. i honestly thought you looked really cute!

I have so much hair I have to urge my new hairdressers to take out the razor and start thinning! :)

I appreciate a good ponytail, too. They are super easy and cute. Ponytails are important.
Let me just add one more thing about my cut...I was so distraught about it, especially that I paid for it, that I summoned the nerve to call her the next day and tell her I disliked it. I said it was not what we had agreed on and I was unhappy. She said she was feeling really bad about it all night and offered to refund my money. Whahoo!

I mean, when I dislike a shirt, I return it for a refund. Even though I cannot get my hair back, I appreciate the refund. Makes it a little more bearable. Now my dilemma is...should I find someone new, or stick with her?
good for you. i'm glad she was gracious about it.....i don't know if you should return or not.....:) she'll probably be really careful to do just what you ask next time!
It reminds me of college!!! Ahh the memories...
Oh...and its soo cute...
yeah--it's kind of similar to my college hair--except it has really steep angle thing going on in the back. :)
yup. that's super duper cute--i LOVE short hair and i think it looks great on you. =)
also, so nice to see your face instead of scary simpson woman. ;)
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I love it...Absolutely LOVE IT!!!!
Looks great!!!
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