Thursday, August 23, 2007

Have you seen these new CAKE bags by Petunia Pickle Bottom. They cost $325!! But they are oh so beautiful. ***I do enjoy window shopping for bags***

it's gorgeous.
***drooling, lizard wipes your mouth*** I know

***tip of the day-do NOT spill super glue on your kitchen floor. It now has red spots from where my flip-flop adhered itself to the ground.
What is a "cake bag"?

now I am going to have to go and look.
i saw these bags in a store today. they're beautiful, but i think i want one that will clean off liquid/spills more easily.
Absolutely. You have to imagine that you will be placing yucky diapers at some point in your diaper bag. I don't have to spend $300 on a bag to do that. No matter how pretty, you cannot hide the smell.
Here's a bag for you. RIDICULAS!
Liz, I'm not sure I'm comfortable with you wiping my mouth. tee hee.
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