Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Search of the Perfect Diaper Bag

I kinda like this bag made by Fleurville. Their bags are super cute and they seem to be a great company.

really really pretty! I love the shape and the graphics on the that they use recycled materials, too.

I have to say that I am definitely experiencing severe sticker shock as I've been looking around at baby stuff. For example, are 150.00+ diaper bags really so much more helpful than a cheaper one? I am all for paying up for a really great, well-made product that is superior and really helpful in its superiorness :). Like, I'll gladly pay 100.00 for a pair of Dansko clogs--because they are super-comfy, go with tons of things, and are very well made and last forever......Thoughts?
Keep shopping. You will find the perfect one for you and baby when the time is right. I would say you will probably pay somerwhere around 65-85 for the right bag.

Don't fret about it. New styles and bags come out every season and there are always a great variety of prices. I love mine and it was $65, monogramed and everything. I do love a monogram!
Have you tried

Sometimes they have designer bags at lower prices.
I still advocate Skip*Hop Duo bags-$50 and hubbies will use them, ALTHOUGH I do love the fleurville bags and if someone happened to insist I accept one as a gift..I would HAVE to accept. Wouldn't I??
I took a look at the Skiphop bags---really liked them!!
Dawn--I haven't--I will look--thanks-
wedding girl,

I actuallly have this bag, but in a different print. I have been a little disappointed with it. It doesn't have much "give". Once you put things on the inside part of the bag, there is no space to use the very cleverly designed exterior pockets of the bag. If you are going to go Fleurville, I think you have to go whole hog and get the monster huge bag.

You know how some bags are just so much bigger than they look? and some are so much smaller than they look? this one is so much smaller.

I will in no way be offended if you decide to get it, so do as you will, but I wanted to let you know my experiences with it.

it was a gift from my mom...she loves bags...this is a good thing for me! ;-)

I have really enjoyed my kecci bag so much more than my fleurville. not to mention that the kecci bag costs less, too.
thanks, kellsey! it really helps to have a real-mom-experience review!! i will check out kecci. have you heard anything about oioi diaper bags?
I have seen them and they look great! I haven't actually looked inside or carried one, so I can't say for sure.

I did just go and try to find some stuff on kecci as it seems that they can be difficult to find.
there is a site called that has a lot of the kecci bags. I have the Shanghai II in apricot, but I think that the Kecci Bellagio Como Mommy Bag looks really cool, too. By the way, I have been carrying my Kecci bag for 7 months now and have not had to wash it once, but from what I have read, it is easy to clean despite its brocade.

Are you wanting backpack options, or will a tote or messenger bag be what you are looking for?

Can I tell you again how excited I am that one of your bags has been found?! SO EXCITED!!!!

Seriously, though, the OiOi bags look great, too.
I also have a Skiphop messenger diaper bag and I really like it. I like the style of a messenger because it does not slip off my shoulder when I am carrying the baby. I had a back pack diaper bag with Boy2 and really liked the design of that.

My only issue with the Skiphop bag I have is that it is really narrow and so when I fill it with things, it becomes bulky and sort of awkward.
Yeah, there is a girl with a fluerville in my sling group, and she told me she didn't like it as much as she thought she would, because it doesn't stuff well.

That's the way I feel about my skip hop. Adequate, but I don't have the LOVE.
My friends Skip Hops actually unzip on the bottom to become bigger. Does yours have that or is in slender either way??
Not a mom, but commenting anyway.

My sister's both have Petuna Pickle Bottom and absolutely love them. They both throw a cluth inside with their stuff and so if they are running an errand without child in tow they don't need to take the entire bag and they don't need a seperate purse.

And because it has a long adjustable strap and a backpack strap it can be worn either messanger style, over the back of the stroller or on your back.

Look on Ebay if you want to find it cheaper.
nope, liz. no bottom zipper here, but that would be nice.

a friend of mine likes timi and leslie. pricey, but hers came from ebay.

my fav is still vera bradley. lots of great interior pockets and washable. i use mine everyday. i am coveting this one for fall...
No bottom zipper on my duo, either, and I hate that the side pockets are skinny and tall and for bottles and not sippy cups. If they were improved, too, I'd probably say I could like it very much.

The obsessed ladies at babybags yahoo group are experts. My usual MO for baby products is, know the experts in the niche, get their opinion on a "workhorse" _(whatever you are looking for)_. The experts will have 25+ and I want just one, MAYBE two, so they must be workhorses! That's how I ended up with my Lexie Barnes (which, her current prints are not as cute as some of the ones she's had in the past...)
I have a $40 backpack that I got at Babies R Us. =) Nothing cute about it, but Dad will carry it, too, and it does everything I want/need it to do. It's a Colombia, I think.

If I have a girl next time, maybe I'll want something cute? That just isn't where I wanted to spend my money on this one.
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