Saturday, June 23, 2007

A *new* color for summer...

**actually this is more like 'uncoloring' my hair**

yum. I like it!
Thanks girls. I keep startling myself every time I look in the mirror.

Mom, Is that you??
so cute! it's fun to see your hair straight, although i LOVE your curls.
how's that nose stud workin' out for ya?
I LOVE my nose ring. I recently changed it all by myself-I felt like such a big girl!! Now the stone is a lot more blue.

Every 2nd woman here has her nose pierced, so its not really a big deal. (except amongst my friends, but thankfully I already had the 'artist' rep.)
Several people at church on Sunday didn't recognize me and if they did they said, "so you straightened your hair?!" despite the fact that the color is nothing like the original/ I think to straighten and color in the same day was too much for people. But I enjoyed some anonymity for awhile.

Andrew noted we should have started making out and caused a scandal.
seriously, it's a dramatic change. i like it. it's fun to do something totally different. what do sam and ethan think?
they also prefer the curls, the color didn't really phase them.
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