Wednesday, June 06, 2007

4 Months

16 weeks (almost 17) and gettin' bigger all the time. I heard the baby's heartbeat on Monday for the second time. That was nice. Also, I'm pretty sure that I felt the little one movin' around last night while I was trying to fall asleep. So fun! It wasn't anything like I've felt before. Just a little light fluttering.

I'd like to give a huge THANK YOU to Kellsey for sending me a box of super cute maternity clothes. Nancy has also offered and been a great resource for info. Thanks, y'all!!

Here's a self-portrait at 16 weeks wearing one of Kellsey's tops. Turns out that my butt is pregnant, too. =)

Wow-W.G. you have grown so much and you look great!! Its fun, isn't it??
Give your belly a rub for me!
wow!!!! growing fast!!! ;)
i'm so glad kellsey's stuff is working. that was really sweet of her!!!!
yeah. super sweet of her! thanks again Kellsey!
As a former lendee myself, I agree that Kellsey's maternity clothes rock! Isn't she just the best?

You look great! I hope we get to see sonogram pics soon!
YEA!!! you look so cute! say "hi" to your little one for me. I am SO EXCITED that some of the clothes fit and are fun for you. I told my mom the other day that she should feel proud of herself for providing maternity clothes for 4 pregnancies (my first, my second, Lindsay's and Wedding Girl's). She laughed and thought that was very fun.

so let's give a shout out to Sue-Sue (what my son and his cousins call my mom) for spending so generously on me (and Lindsay and WG!)
Hey, Lovely Lady,
are you going to try and find out if the bebe's a boy or a girl, or are you going for the surprise?

Are you letting people know if you find out?

No pressure, just curious! ;-)
Kellsey, those are excellent questions.

And WG, you are so beautifuL!!!! (shocker)
Here's the deal. Husband would love for it to be a surprise because he's like that, but I'm a planner and I want to know so I can plan and decorate and buy, etc!! He's going to be busy in the fall with his last year of grad school so I told him that he doesn't get to be surprised because there isn't much time to do shopping after baby is born (holiday season/grad school finals=crazy time). So there. We're going to find out on Wednesday and I'm happy to tell the world!!!! Woo hoo!
You know, my brother once told me that he and his wife decided that most everything about having a new baby was a surprise, so you really don't need another one in the delivery room. (that was their thinking when they decided to find out the sex of their first, second and third babies).

I am also a planner and just couldnt' wait to find out! Then, we went to find out with our son and he was facing my spine with his legs crossed and the cord between his legs. They could not see a thing. I was SO bummed! They graciously pulled out the ultrasound machine a month later when I came in for my next check up and looked again. I was so grateful! they told me it they thought it was a girl, but it was a bad angle so keep the receipts. We did. That was a GOOD thing as 10 days before his birth, we discovered through another ultrasound (to determine if the baby was breech...which he was) that he was a he and not a she like they had initially thought.

With our second, we prayed that she would be a flasher and that we could really get a good angle. When we went in for her, they told us that you could not have had a better view and that what they could see was "textbook girl".

Here's hoping that your little one is a flasher for the "camera". That way they can get a good view and let you know for sure. I will pray for this for you!
Thanks, Kellsey. Here's hoping our baby isn't the super modest type. =)
Hot mama. I love the hair.
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