Sunday, April 29, 2007

I love Boston in the springtime....

but springtime here is frrrreakin' COLD.

I loved walking through Harvard Yard as the tulip trees bloomed all over campus. I loved visiting patriot's graves and placing rocks on their tombstones--in remembrance and thanks. Watching WG practice snowboarding on her weird board-practice thingy. I loved giggling with Lizard as we lay in our shared bed. One nite WG set up her studio stuff and we had a photo shoot of Lizard, who looked absolutely lovely. I got to hold the light reflector. And I was naughty and snarfed a huge piece of fried dough on Boston Common. --Sweetpea

The past few days have been so refreshing for me. Some highlights for me have been eating chocolate gelato in the North End, visiting the amazing Isabella Stewart Gardner museum, sitting and chatting for hours on end, getting my nose pierced and learning that Sweetpea laughs in her sleep! : ) I will post some pics when I get back to California.--Lizard

It's been really fun to have friends staying with me in Boston. (I usually spend my weekday hours alone working from home.) Some of my favorite things have been sitting around in the morning in our pajamas and chatting away until we feel like going somewhere, taking the girls to some of my favorite Boston restaurants, (Metropolis for brunch on Saturday morning) and introducing Lizard to the world of dollar-a-pound second hand clothing.
--Wedding Girl

Sweetpea CAN get her laugh on in serious way while sleeping. I'm glad someone else has gotten the chance to hear it. Her talking--and laughing--in her sleep is one of my favorite idiosyncratic behaviors of my dear wife :)
Man, I want to visit Boston in the fall. I hear that the colors on the trees are simply amazing!!!!

Glad you three had so much fun hanging out!
a) i'm jealous

b) but really i'm just glad sweetpea is having so much fun

c) i don't know you lizard, but kudos on the nose piercing. we're twinkies now :)
how fun for you to have a girls week!!!

sweetpea---i tried emailing you after i got home from dallas, but it got sent back to me. can you email me? i'd love to finish our conversation....:)

so last night I heard Sweetpea say in her sleep.. "hmm mmm, Mmm mmm.......Thank You."

At least she's polite in her sleep!

I am home and EXHAUSTED!! I had a great week though-pictures coming soon.

Family likes the nose-piercing. : )
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