Thursday, October 05, 2006


My sweet friend E. lost her father yesterday evening. Please pray God would comfort her and her family. It know it must be terribly difficult to lose your dad when you're young and single....M. and I are traveling to Lousiana for the wake and funeral tomorrow; we'll also stop in to visit my 93 year old mee-maw.

I've been subbing for E. this week while she's been in LA, and will next week, as well. Two things: I've loved being with her class. But I've realized once again how grateful I am for a break from the teaching grind. I know I'll teach again sometime fulltime, but boy, is it lovely to be home...

Yesterday I had the privilege of taking E.'s second-grade class to the city art museum.

I'm always so excited to watch our school's children at the museum. They've had such beautiful experiences with paintings at school--it's a key part of Charlotte Mason, after's so sweet to watch them take it all in when they get to see the "real deal." I think they wore the docent out with their questions and observations!

An exchange between the docent and one of E.'s second graders:

Docent: "Does anyone know what a symbol is?"

Student: "Well, it''s something that represents something else."

I call that some fine abstract reasoning for a seven-year-old.
E. would've been so proud....

OH how sad!!! I'm so sorry for E. Will be praying for her and her family.

I'm so glad that you've been able to help out, sweetpea.
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