Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Prayer Alert Part II

This is the email I received from Sarah B's mom yesterday:

As most of you know, Thomas had brain surgery today, Tuesday, August 15th. The surgery was to remove a cyst that the MRI showed had grown in the same place the tumor had been removed back on March 2nd.
WElllllll..... soOOo, it turns out that INside the cyst was a tumor - it had grown back afterall. The doctor is confident he was able to get it all ---again --- and he did some additional scraping around the area as well. The plan, as I understand it, is to start the radiation as soon as possible - within a couple of weeks. He has to recover from the surgery first.
When Rhonda and I left the hospital late this afternoon, Thomas was in ICU, resting comfortably, still under the anesthesia ---- time will answer the unasked questions.
He'll be in ICU two or more days and then will be moved to the 9th floor for recovery. Sarah/Scott are handling it in their own way for now. I can only imagine the things going through their heads and hearts at this time. For tonite ... i am just still in a state of shock; of extreme disappointment and yes even fear.
It doesn't mean anything to me right now that we have been through all this before .... all i know is Cancer sucks.

pray people. please.
.... thanks. love, mallorie.

This is bad news. Please keep praying for Sarah, Scott and Baby Thomas...

definitely praying...
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