Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Possible Technical Difficulty.

Hi friends,

I've sent a blog invite to Laura, Roxana, Kellsey, Kristen, and a few more. Have yet to hear back from any of you, so I'm wondering if there's a problem. Have you people gotten your blog invites?



okay, i have roxa---I mean Wedding Girl's! :) whoops--
no :o(

If you send mine to -- that's what my blogger account uses.
Sorry, I've just been slow on the uptake. I will go and respond RIGHT NOW!

I couldn't see the second line of type
hop TO it, Kellsey! :)

thanks for responding guys. there is no rush at all--i've just had problems in the past with email and wanted to make sure you had gotten what i sent.

kristen--resending invite.

sarah--not sure what you mean? :)
Sorry, I meant the second line of html that was the link.

This sort of proves I may be too retarded to participate right now...
sarah, :). maybe you should just participate in spirit....i'm thinking you've got a lot going on. :)
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