Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, the meeting with my landlady did not go well. They are not taking responsibility for what happened, since there is no "obvious negligence" on their part--no leak, etc. I told them that, only if you push on our bedroom ceiling, you can tell that the sheetrock there is drooping, too. The nailheads pop out, so you can tell at least part of the sheetrock is hanging down and not flush with the rafter.

I asked if they were going to check other people's apartments and she said....no! No, they won't go around doing that unless people request it. She said "you know, there'll be cracks, or sagging, if there's a problem..." I reminded her that there was no sign at all for us. She said, "yeah, that's what's so weird about yours."

They've never tested for asbestos and said they don't usually do it on their properties....Said they probably won't have the air ducts cleaned out but she'll check with her husband....

Final outrages: They will not replace our damaged property "It's not our responsibility." "You should carry renter's insurance." "We DO carry renter's insurance, but I would assume that since your ceiling fell in on us, it would be YOUR responsibility." "No, it's not ours..."

What about common decency?

She has graciously allowed to let us out of our lease, "with no penalty." "We're not big bad guys...we don't mind letting you out of it if you want to move," she said with smile and a little wink. I actually laughed.

Outrageous! Seriously, I cannot believe that. Your renter's insurance company will probably sue them for the damages. Did you ever talk to a lawyer? I am not a big fan of law suits, but in this case, since they are not making it right, you probably need legal counsel.

I am really so sorry this has happened to you. I am praying that you find a much better apartment for less rent very soon. I hope you do decide to move out of that place.
yes, one of our fabulous elders at church (who's an attorney) has been counseling us. His initial opinion (last night) was that it was DEFINITELY not a renter's insurance issue, but the landlord's issue.

today, I gave her the questions in writing and took notes. We also took lots and lots of pictures.

We've decided we're definitely moving out. Especially since she's so kindly letting us out of our lease.
that is horrible!!! we had serious damage in our first apt also and our insurance company ended up suing the apt manager.

hoping you find another place....

I agree. this is completely outrageous!!! I find myself struck dumb--I cannot think of anything to say in response to your landlady's obvious lack of common decency or responsibility.

So, since I can think of no words, here's an image:

my jaw on the floor, my eyes bugging out, my eyebrows pushed up so high in an expression of incredulity that my hairline is now at the middle of the top of my skull.
I'm so sorry you are in this situation! I, for one, hate moving, and you've just done it two months ago! I'm glad your Dad and your friend from church are being so helpful.

I'm just glad you and your puppies are ok!
thanks everyone. We know we have so much to be thankful for....
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