Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So we left L'Abri today. I wanted to lie down in the gardens and refuse to leave. Or maybe hang on to the laundry line as Husband and WG and WG Husband tried to drag me to the car. But I didn't; M. and I hugged the workers and students goodbye and told them we hoped we'd stay in touch.

Things enjoyed.

Hanging laundry on an outdoor line for the first time in life.
Screwing up Feta Bread by adding cornmeal rather than flour.
Fireflies swooping in the fields at night all around the property.
Listening, mostly listening, to discussion about war, faith, capitalism, true masculinity, alternative medicine, spiritual legalism, prenuptial agreements, poetic knowledge.
Day trip with new friends to Amherst to tour Emily Dickinson's home.
Watching my husband shoot hoops, play ping pong and basketball, and generally unwind.
The beautiful faces of the students, helpers, and workers around the table at each meal.
Rediscovering my own latent passion for ping pong.

Things studied.

The history of Christian hospitality.
The family in the first century.
Charles Williams.
How God works in the Weakness of his Servants.

I wish I had lovely pictures to post to give you some understanding of our time there. I think I took about five--I'll post them when we get back home. :) But I'm glad that taking pictures was the last thing on my mind....it didn't fit somehow.

Am writing this from WG's apartment.


I'm glad you so enjoyed your time there.
I can't wait to hear all about it!! The clothesline alone sounds like such fun!
i haven't done a clothesline since the summer of '97--I was in Ukraine and automatic washers and dryers were certainly not available. I did discover while many of my lighter weight cotton clothes dried well that way, that it never really worked very well for my jeans.

Anyways, Sweetpea, it sounds like such a life-giving experience. I am glad that you were able to soak it all in and enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy your time with WG and that you and M have fantastic travel experiences as your journey home.
Am I the only one waiting for the nose-ring picture??
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