Thursday, June 01, 2006

School's out: And we're a little wiped out....

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! no more school!

I hope you get to sack out on your couch like that often. I see this picture of you, and it inspires me. When my parents return from traveling, I think I may ask them to babysit Aidan for a day or two. Then I can make some couch napping happen around here, too.

Now that's a fantasy worth making happen!

And Very soon you will be going to L'abri! Woo-hoo!
Oh, Tinsy, Giz and sweet.
That sure is a skinny booty-sweetpea! :)
yes, my booty is a lot skinnier these days, thanks to hormones and thyoid meds. hurray!
kellsey--i'm thinking you deserve some couch napping!!!...thinking of you and macon and your little lentil...
woot woot
you go girl..
get that nose done :o)
I'm here to testify that she does IN FACT have a very skinny booty.

Love you, sweetpea. =) See you in 2 days!!!!!!
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