Sunday, June 11, 2006

Knitting for Mei

I may have another year before we meet our baby in China. My friend who is teaching me how to knit suggested I knit Mei a poncho. It's not finished yet, but I love having things around that she will one day wear. They are promises she is coming! I want to add some flowers to it so the next step is to learn how to knit them!

Lizard!! I'm so impressed. Beautiful!!!
Oh my goodness! It's so VERY cute. Mei will love it, I'm sure. :)

I saw your book of flowers and I want to learn how, too. Maybe we can attempt a few together. :)
Ooh, flowers are hard. Crocheting them is easier if you can find someone to show you how.

Very neat rows, though. I can't believe you're a beginner!
Thanks guys!! It really is an extremely simple pattern that I just added tassels to. I bought a book about knitting flowers and Sarah, you are right- some do look complicated. I was thinking I would try to make 3 flowers, of some sort, and place them on the left shoulder, like frogs would be on an asian item of clothing. I was hoping they might cover my seam!

I love knitting. It is so meditative and relaxing to me. Sometimes it drives Andrew crazy watching me sit by myself knitting happily in my own world.
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