Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To Do List.

Grade art exams and turn in semester and exam grades.
Clean art room-yikes.
Finish going away present for Mr. R: a huge piece of community art, pictured here.
Buy a new pair of hip, comfy shoes.
Hug and kiss the students goodbye.
Get thru inservice.
Hug and kiss the teachers goodbye.
Sleep. Start exercising again. Start eating veggies and stop eating white flour and drinking caffeine.
Clean house.
Fly away.

I LOVE THE TREE!!! I am going to do that in the fall!! I will have to get the lesson plan for that!

Speaking of hip, comfy shoes, I recently bought a pair of Sugar brand flats and they were only $34. I don't know if I've ever received more compliments on a pair of shoes. They go with everything. A middle-aged man that could have been my dad even noticed them while standing in line at the pharmacy! It was very funny. (Bay area men!) I will post a photo. I had thought to do this before, but since you are looking I highly suggest them!
you don't think i actually do lesson plans, do you????? I started this on MONDAY. Talk about last minute. Long story. :)

But I will definitely tell you how I do it. It's pretty easy, really. The kids get really excited about being a part of a large impressive piece of art.
I love you sweetpea!!! I love knowing there are others out there like me!!!

Today is our last day of art and I am doing the Van Gogh Starry Night project.
I LOVE THE TREE, TOO!!!! So beautiful!! I need to commission your kids to make one for me....that is, when I have a huge house with a big wall....

Can't wait till you get to the bottom of your list because that means you fly away to me!!!
thanks, guys. i hope our sweet headmaster-who's leaving- loves it, too.
lizard--most of the art teachers i know don't do lesson plans--they just do a skeleton plan for the semester. at this point i can come up with projects in my sleep, so i don't really need lesson plans.

kate has to turn in detailed lessons plans to her administrator each week, which stinks.
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