Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Keep praying for sweet baby Thomas--he's going through chemo right now. Pray for his parents, Sarah and Scott.....

And check the thomasbickle.com blog to read about how children have given to baby Thomas. So so sweet...
It's the May 9th posting...
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Oh, I've got a good one for tomorrow (of children giving)that I will spoil here - this from an email today from a fourth grade teacher-

"Please let Sarah know that it was a unanimous vote ( with their eyes closed) among the (144) students at Wyatt to contribute the money to them. They all cheered when they found out the voting result meant such an awesome baby and family would get the money. "
so dear!! :)
Wedding girl, you took this picture didn't you?-so sweet, so beautiful! Thomas looks so laid back. He knows he's cute! : )
Yeah, I got to spend an afternoon with the Bickles last Sunday and Thomas was especially cute that day!!! It's easy to take good photos under those circumstances...
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