Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Celebratory Teaching Retirement Activity.

Call it an extremely early mid-life crisis,

an immature desire to be hip,

an obsession with all things Indian,

a need to be twinkies with my best friend,

or an equally immature desire to offend conservative friends in a conservative city.

I know it is none of these things. (Well, maybe the Indian thing.)

I just like it.

I'm getting my nose pierced as soon as school is out.

WOO HOO!!!! You go girl...
:o) love it!!
i got mine done about five years ago, but after a month it still wouldn't heal so i ended up taking it out, but it did look cute!!!
post the photo...
welcome, sojourner! :) Had fun looking at your blog....hope you are well.
One of my best friends from college did that. It looked quite cute, but then she had some nasty sinus infections and had to take it out. It was very fun while it lasted.

I wish you the best and hope that you aren't prone to sinus infections. ;-)

I, unfortunately, am very prone to sinus infections and so I would never pierce my nose. I did, however, pierce my belly button my senior year in college. I really liked having a belly ring. I enjoyed having something that people would not expect of me. At some point a few years later, I went to a piercing place to have them switch out the horseshoe type ring I had to put in a circle one...bad idea. Something must have happened, as it got infected and wouldn't heal from that. So, no more belly ring. (I was grateful for that, though, when I had Aidan!)
yeah, we'll see how it goes. i've been *meaning* to do it for about six years.....maybe i'll just keep it for awhile. i know my sweet preppy parents will be horrified. WG hasn't had a problem with yucky infections....obviously if I do, out it comes.....
Leaving teaching really requires some kind of permanent mark. I mean, if not a nose ring, then get a tattoo that says I Survived!

Hmm . . . my last day is in a week . . .*raises eyebrows*
It would probably surprise you that I have a tatoo =). It is ever so much fun to shock people with!

I just told my mom and sister last Christmas (got it in 1999) b/c they were going to come to a sonogram, and I didn't want to have that big a surprise in the doctor's office!
Sweetpea-I honestly thought you were joking so I didn't even respond!! I obviously don't know one of my closest friends very well!! I think they are cute. I actually fantasize about a small tattoo of a lizard. It would have to be the right lizard. : )
ps Please photograph your mom's face when she sees it for the first time!!
ha! Sarah?????????? *wiggles eyebrows* Come on, now!

Lizard-I've been meaning to do it since I was at the art center. Yes, my parents will die on the inside, but oh, well.
lindsay--so funny :) I wish Laura were reading this and could tell her tatoo/kindergarten teacher story.
we're just a bunch of crazy girls, aren't we? tatoos and piercings...who knew?
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Sorry - misspelling. I said,

"Come on now girl, you know I'm still SKA SKA SKA on the inside~"
okay, seriously, let's go!
If you were going to get a tattoo where would you put it? Anyone??
my right butt cheek.
I'm not sure how a tattoo would look on top of cellulite and stretch marks from two pregnancies. Nice. I was thinking on my lower back on the right side.
I used to want a tatoo, but no more. Pregnancy is SO a tatoo buzz killer. Not only does it stretch particular body parts out, but it also makes one face up, rather early, to the fact that one's skin just isn't going to stay as dewy and elastic as it was when one was twenty-one . . . Not that this was the case with ME, of course . . .
quote of the day--

"Pregnancy is SO a tattoo-buzz killer."
The more I think about having to reveal my stretch marks to get the tattoo the less attractive it is becoming.

"So where do you want it?" The 22 yr-old tattoo artist says.

"Just north of that big one there!" I say pointing to the large silvery streaks on my hips. Oh well.
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