Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lizard's Mother's Day

Overall it has been a nice weekend. We grilled out, drank a nice wine and I was given a nice gift by my family. But I should have known that there is no such thing as an idyllic day in motherhood. During church today the assistant in my 3-yr olds class came and got me saying that E. was complaining of a tummy ache. I should have seen right there what was coming, but I was naively determined to make our lunch out with friends. E. seemed ok and I assumed he was just hungry. By the end of the service his teacher brought him to me. Uh oh. He didn't look good. Church got out and I gave him a snack. He told me he was better and I, still hopeful, said great. A little while later we got in the car to drive to the restaurant. E. began to cough repeatedly. I began to think he was coming down with something, fast. We got to the restaurant and my anxiety over E. began to grow especially when his eyes began to grow red and puffy. This is when I thought, "oh, allergies." I gave him benadryl. I went outside with him to walk around while we waited for it to take affect waving to our friends as they walked in the restaurant to sit with my husband and 5-yr old. We had been outside about 10 minutes when yep, he vomited all over himself, me and the sidewalk. sigh. Lunch over. I never even sat down with our friends and I now could not enter the restaurant to say good-bye, because I was covered with vomit. Nice. So needless to say we left. As I was stripping E. and I in the parking lot I thought, "this is motherhood."

(E. does not have food allergies, but at times viruses cause him to have allergic reactions. Weird I know.)

oh dear
i'm sorry to laugh, but it's a little comical (but I wasn't the one cleaning up all the vomit.. HUGS!!)
Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Poor things--both of you.
Very fun story--though I am positive it was more fun to tell (and to read) than to experience.

Thanks for sharing, and I hope that he is feeling much better now. (and that you did not get the bug from him!)
Actually he chatted all the way home, happy as can be. Andrew and I were in the front seats lamenting the milkshakes we weren't drinking. It was overall pretty funny though.
Kate5kiwis-so are you blogging from New Zealand or are you in the US? I just took a peak at your blog and I was excited to see you are homeschooling. We are homeschooling as well!
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