Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Knitting Lizard

I wanted to show you my very first knitting project. It is a felted purse. I think felting something for your first project is a great way to start, because you will eventually hide all your beginner mistakes! I'm not at wedding girls level yet, but I am proud of my first attempt!

That's awesome! It looks fantastic!

Knitting is great fun :o)
very nice! i love felted things.

i hope to knit some this summer. i barely have time to sleep right now....
I just get more and more impressed with you each day. The bag looks great! By the way,what does "felted" mean?
Felted means that the wool has been washed, blending the fibers into a thick durable material. You may have heard of boiled wool which literally means the wool has been washed in hot water. So when I knitted the bag it was twice as big and wide. I washed in hot water and let it agitate along with some tennis balls. When it comes out it is sort of hairy. A friend suggested I take a razor to it, so I actually shaved it afterwards. Kinda weird, but I had fun doing it.
Fascinating! Thanks, Lizard, for explaining that to me.

very fun indeed.
Hey, Sweetpea, how many days of school do you have left?
kellsey--two weeks, 1 day!
that is REALLY COOL :o)
love the bag, love the stripes.
I love it, Lizard!!! Congratulations! It's so fun to finish a sucessful knitting project. I need to try felting. I'll call you for suggestions when I get to it.
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