Sunday, May 21, 2006

Best Small Group EVER.

Husband and I enjoyed a lovely Friday evening with our small group from church.

As you can see, at one point our hosts broke out the hookah. A great time was had by all.

(No, it's not a bong. Seriously, people.)

Ah, the hooka...Macon really likes the hooka...

My only experience with said device is reading about it in The Count of Montecristo (such an EXCELLENT book...definitely read the unabridged version, and if you've seen the movie but have not read the book...there is almost no relation between the two).
yes, husband is fan, too.

i tried it, too. it was nice. we were smoking some nice middleclass cappaccino flavored stuff. :)
looks like fun !!!
So-uh-what's with the GIANT bong? : )

What's happening out there in East Dallas? I'm the one that lives in the San Francisco Bay area! Nose rings, GIANT bongs....
not a bong! not a bong!

a hookah. like smoking a pipe or a cigar....out of a large...thing.... with multiple hoses, or leads.
mmmmhmmmm. Hookey, hookah, you sort of sound like you are stumbling over yourself there.

Andrew would probably like that. Do you actually but tobacco for it?
You actually do buy a kind of "tobacco" for it: it's more like a moist clump of herbs, flavors, etc. (Herbs: I don't mean "herbs.") I did some hookah smoking with some Pakistani and Indian friends once before. I don't think they used the legal varieties of hookah tobaccos. Perhaps they did and I'm just a lightweight. I did feel a bit weird afterward. Duuude!
Oh, and Lizard...This was not in E. Dallas but smack in the middle of Highland Park. :)
You crazy kids...=)
hilarious! I read the post and thought, "Dude! I love the hookah, I've got to make a comment."

So I clickthrough and discover that my lovely wife, in the first comment, no less, has already mentioned this.

I enjoyed the hookah several times in a hookah-bar (not ever to be confused with a hooker-bar) in Madison, WI.

Those midwesterners know how to RAWK! (And often do so to some sweet polka tunes.)
That's a tall hookah! We have one from an Iranian friend, and then Hubby got another when we were travelling in Egypt. Only, they have different names there. Hubby knows them all, but I can only remember hookah.
Tulip--your hubby sounds like my hubby--big fans of the hookah.
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