Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sugar and Spice...

I would like to introduce Lila Kate to you all. She was born Friday to my very good friend Lori.
She weighed a whopping 5 lbs 14 ozs!

Today my 5-yr old, Sam asked Lori's 5 yr-old, Isaac, "Is your baby sweet, Isaac?"

Isaac replies, "Well, actually my Dad said they checked her sugars in the hospital and they were good, so I guess she is sweet!"

Aw, that's a great big-brother anecdote! So cute.

Wow, she's so tiny! I bet she'll fit in her 0-3 months clothes for like 5 months!
Lori put her in an outfit today that says it fits 5-7lbs. It was too big.
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