Saturday, April 01, 2006

Lizard's Untamed Yard

When we first moved into our house the backyard was just dry, parched earth with nails and various rusty items sticking out of it. Thankfully our landlords put grass in and the yard began to be regularly watered. Then plants we hadn't planted began to grow. We had huge lily plants sprouting out of our new grass!

This plant has squeezed itself between our veggie garden my husband built and the fence. As far as we can tell there were probably plants this big running down the entire length of this fence. The flowers are beautiful. They look like frosting that has been squeezed out of a decorators tip!

Ironically its the plants I have nothing to do with that grow the best. You can tell which plants I have 'interferred' with!

Beautiful!! What a happy surprise.
ahhhhhh, to live in northern California, where all the happy plants are!!!
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