Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What it feels like to be well.

Today is Day 18 of Operation Healthy Me. The last few days, I've really felt fabulous! Maybe the no-sugar diet, iron, potassium, thyroid, b-complex, fish oil, (I could go on), are starting to kick in. I don't know if the energy will stay with me, but I'm praising God for these last 3 days. I've gotten more done in these few days, (fun things and necessary things) than I have in the past month!

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting!
i am so glad that you are feeling better! that is great!! inspiring me to do something....
thanks guys!!! i think i have a ways to go, but it sure is encouraging.
That's wonderful news! It makes it all that much more worth it to get some results, right? And yea for a week off! Before I got married, I lived with a teacher, and I was so jealous about Spring Break! For some reason, I was ok about summer, but I always wanted to take SB with her!
Fabulous! that's great, sweetpea! I am so excited for you to be feeling better. What a difference having more energy makes, huh?


P.S. Sweetpea, I thought you would like to know that I have switched from prefolds with a diaper service to fuzzi bunz.
thanks, kellsey. so you like the fuzzi bunz better? we have to let kristen know! :)
Seriously, the fuzzi bunz are almost less work than using the diaper service. With the service, I still had to wash my own covers and getting poop out of them took a little work. With the fb's I can shake the poo into the toilet, throw the fb in the diaper pail and wait until there's enough for a wash. Then I toss them in a cold rinse, wash them on hot and we're done. I don't have to wash them by hand at all. THAT IS SO NICE. Granted, I will be washing things more often than I did when I used the service, but I won't be hand scraping poo--so it just feels like less work. Crazy, huh? and, yes, we must tell kristen. I don't have her email so I am hoping she notices the comments.
SP tipped me off to your comment ;o) Once you get in a groove, washing diapers is really easy. I'm glad you like the Fuzzi Bunz. I use a hodgepodge of different types of diapers, but if I had to choose just one, I'd probably go FB. They do tend to need to be stripped regularly, so keep that in mind if they start to smell really funky!
thanks for the tip. Do you have tips for diaper rash and a fb? Aidan has really sensitive skin, and while we could use balmex with the prefolds and it wasn't a problem, we can't use it with the fb's and it seems to be irritating his skin. I try to change him as soon as I am aware that he needs it, but still, I thought I would ask. I am going to try some of the "Baby Bottom Better" as several people seem to use it with FB's without it causing problems.
Just a regular rash, not yeast?

One option is to cut strips of old t-shirts or fleece you've bought and line your FB with them. Then you can use whatever rash cream you have on hand or know works. I am pretty conservative with my more expensive diapers and rash cream, so I usually go that route. But my girls are rarely rashy except for yeast rashes.
How can you tell if it's yeast vs. normal rash? At this point, I put Aidan in gdiapers for a day or two and put balmex or Dr. Smith's on his bottom every diaper change. The rash went away, and today we have begun the fuzzi bunz without cream again. Here's hoping we don't need to use more cream, but if we do, thanks for the suggestions.
Yeast rashes have bumps, regular rashes don't. Yeast rashes don't really go away with regular diaper cream. The first time one of mine had a yeast rash, it took me a while to figure it out! If that's what he has, try Lotrimin AF 2-3x a day for a few days and acidophilus. Either take it yourself if you are still breastfeeding a lot or give him oral children's acidophilous (The bottle says not to give it to babies but it has been given safely to preemies and is considered very very safe for infants and toddlers.) The bifidus (sp?) kind is better for small children, so look for children's acidophilus to make sure you are getting the right kind of bacteria!

Here's a picture and a graphic of yeast rash (this helped me figure it out, though it is a little gross):
1 and 2.
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