Monday, March 20, 2006


Hi. I'm back from a truly restful holiday. Baking bread, growing basil seedlings, making a french memo board, watching movies, reading, spring cleaning, sleeping in.....we had a lovely week.

I'm excited to give the children my best these last few months of school....which leads to my announcement: I'm retiring from full-time teaching! My feelings are mixed--I've had an amazing five years at my school, working alongside some really dear families--I've watched many children grow from 7 year olds to twelve year olds! I love this place and am thankful for all I've learned here-about teaching, about children...... Amazing....But I'm reeeeally looking forward to cooking for my husband and myself, learning how to better run a household, working on my health, leading a quieter life for awhile. I do hope to do some part-time work somewhere.


welcome back! What a wonderful week off. Also, very exciting that you will be transitioning from full-time teaching to being at home more. (no, I"m not an ultra-conservative who is just so dang relieved that you've finally decided to be in your "proper" place...I'm just excited for you to be able to do what you want to do.)
The cooking sounds fun! maybe we can have some recipe exchanges.
Oh, and on a somewhat related note--(relating to things you are or have consumed), have you ever listened to Peter Gabriel's album: "shaking the tree"?
Welcome back!

Congratulations on your retirement :o)
WOW!!! what a surprise!!! so, you are done huh???? wow!!! i am glad you are so happy about it!!!!

Thanks guys!! Kells--I haven't heard that album....I don't think. Wedding Girl is the real conoisseur (sp?) of Peter Gabriel around her. I bet she's heard it. Is it a good one? I do love "Us." I never get tired of it.

We should exchange recipes....or, you could just give me some of yours! :) Just kiddin'--but one of the reasons I want to stay home more is so that I actually have energy and focus enough to really learn how to cook...
I don't "really" know how to cook. My sister-in-law does. She knows when you can substitute without ruining something, but I treat a recipe like the mysterious black box that magically turns something out in the end even though I don't understand exactly how. So, the best I can do is follow a recipe. Sometimes, actually, I have played around with soup recipes, but they're not exactly dependent upon chemistry.
That's great sweetpea! I know you must be looking forward to a change, although you've loved Covenant.
I love swapping recipes! :) Actually I've been looking for a good blueberry muffin recipe with a streusel topping. Anyone?
So exciting!!
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