Friday, March 24, 2006

Lizards World:Meet Ethan

This little story is a good way to introduce my 3 year old,Ethan, to you.

Tonight while we were praying before bed I told the boys that sometimes we had to try to be very quiet to hear God's voice. So I said lets all try to be very quiet and listen.

They obey and get very quiet. All of a sudden Sam and I hear Ethan in a very low voice say , "I love you guys!" Ethan then said, "See, God says he loves us!"

Hilarious. (Picture taken by Sam.)

That's a great story!! And both of your boys are so beautiful!!
Just wanted to and Andrew ain't so bad either. ;) You have a beautiful family, Liz.

Is that a recent photo? Did I tell you that I had all my hair cut off recently?
I think this pic is from January. Post a picture of your hair! I'm sure you look great! I'm actually trying to grow mine out. (Argh.)
i love it!!!
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