Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I love spring.

The daffodils are up and blooming.

Spring Break is a-nearing. Husband's grad school break coincides with mine, which is awfully nice. We're hoping to build a frame for our very first square foot garden.

Also, other than 2 hershey's kisses--I was stressed and hungry, people--I am still sugar-free and, for the most part, refined-flour free.

Good work, Jana! and, don't sweat the hersheys kisses. In the grand scheme they don't mean much.
I was just telling Mike last night that I hope we get into THE house in April so I might have time to build raised beds for my square foot garden! Sometimes, our similarities freak me out ;o)
kellsey--Thanks for the encouragement. I honestly need it! I have been lusting after different foods lately.

Kristen--Yikes!! Are you my doppelganger? :)
I must confess my ignorance:

a square foot garden?
Kellsey--the "square foot garden" in the post is actually a link. (Hard to tell with all the text colors...) Take a look--I think you will like it.....
Very cool, Sweetpea, thanks for pointing out the link to me. What plants are you planning on planting?
we aren't sure yet. I already have some herbs...I think we'll try some veggies. Need to research and figure out which ones are easy to grow in Texas.
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