Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Honestly, the last post of the day.

My thoughts tend to come all in a rush. Here's a closeup of a portrait I finished quite a few months ago. A bit overworked (the first drawing I'd done in quite awhile) but I like it. Her name is Rosemina Raphael, and I met her during two trips to Haiti. She is an orphan.... and one of the most stunning children I've ever met.

I love it! and I remember you telling me about Rosemina...she has such sweet eyes.
Wow, Jana - that's amazing!
She is lovely, as is your portrait. Speaking of personal portraits, has anybody taken you up on paying you to do a portrait for them?
Hi Pooter! Oh-Rosemina-some children leave an impression for life....
lizard--are you getting my emails??????
so amazing!!! you rock jana!
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