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Hey moms, I'm curious to know what you think about these flushable, environmentally friendly diapers: (click on the title to go to their website)

"Imagine taking your baby's soiled diaper and simply flushing it down the toilet. No more smell. No more diaper. No more diaper pail. You’re putting waste right where it belongs, in the toilet. Not in a landfill. That’s exactly how gDiapers work.

gDiapers are a two-part system. The flushable inner refill fits into a pair of colorful ‘little g’ pants. When the flushable becomes soiled, simply flush it down the toilet. It's that easy.

gDiapers. Fashion and function on one cute bum."

okay, so i'm not a mom, but this is my blog, dangit. and i have two thoughts:

1. CON-That they're probably expensive, which would defeat one of the cloth-diapering goals, which is saving lots of money. Are they?

2. PRO-At least the bacteria-filled poop is going thru the public waste filtration system and not sitting in landfill! Yuck.
Yeah...I'd have to see 'em. We've got crappy (haha) little low-flow toilets, so I'm not so sure this would work out for us. And yeah, expensive is a big deal. But it sounds like a start.Maybe lots of rich people could buy them and make them cheap.
Wow! they look great! I have to admit that I am tempted. They are definitely better than disposables for the environment (and maybe even better than cloth on that note), but I am wondering if they are as good as cloth for the baby? I don't know.

I am going to do a little research and ask some people who are more in the "know" than I am on this subject.

If it is indeed true that babies with cloth diapers potty train earlier and may need up to 1000 less changes than babies using disposables, is the same true for gdiapers? It may be worth not having that extra 1000 changes alone to stick with cloth (both for the environment and for my sanity).

I am very interested in what any others who use cloth might think here.
Oh, and I have to admit that I spend more on cloth diapers than I did on disposables because I use a diaper service (probably $20 more a month). So, gdiapers may end up being comparable to cloth with a service.
Looks like the large/medium size refills are selling on the site for $52 per 128 flushables. That's about 40 cents each. The smaller size is $52 for 160.

I'm clueless to diaper costs. How does that compare?
Also the "starter kit" is $19.99 and includes:

"2 "little g" pants, 10 flushables & 1 swishstick

The gDiapers Starter Kit comes with just enough to introduce you to the gDiapers system. Our 'little g' pants are made of water resistant, machine washable, breathable material to keep wetness away. Each pair of 'little g' pants comes with a spare snap in liner, so you can wash the 'little gs' a little less."

From what I can tell, it costs 5 to 7 cents more per flushable than a disposable Pampers diaper. However, if you are using a diaper service to clean your cloth it may be less expensive.

I have to admit that I decided to try the starter kit. I don't know if I'll switch from cloth, but I think I would like to use gdiapers instead of Pampers for my travel and my overnights. I don't use cloth for overnight because Aidan is in bed for 10 and a half to 11 hours and that's just too long to go. Plus, i don't want him waking up because he feels wet (at least not at this stage.)

I'll let you all know what I think. The kit should be here within a week. I figured that if I don't like the flushables, I can still use the gpants as a cloth diaper cover if I want.
very fun, Kels! i'm curious to read your opinions.... it DOES sound like they would at least be fabulous for traveling, etc.
Yeah, Kellsey, I'm curious to know what you think of them! The whole flushable diaper concept seems like a great idea.

I don't have little ones, but like sweetpea, I like to research for the future...
They are way more expensive than regular cloth, so I haven't tried them.

He can't last the night in a well stuffed FuzziBunz? What about a really good hemp diaper with a fleece liner inside and a wool cover?
thanks for the suggestions. I have not yet ventured into the world of fuzzi bunz (although I think they're adorable!) and hemp diapers. I do have a fleece cover, but all I use inside are cotton prefolds. Perhaps I will need to try some of these ideas. Thanks! ;-)
Yeah, not many babies can make it through the night with a prefold! Pocket diapers are my favorite night solution. Try diaperswappers.com for a used FB, just to try for sizing and such. You'll probably be able to get one for about $10ppd and can use your prefolds to stuff them. The fleece inside will make your son feel dry all night long! Wonderoos are one-size pockets that fit from about 10-28lbs (they say 8-35, but I think they are stretching it a bit) and they are a good choice, too.
Props to Wedding Girl for finding these!
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