Friday, February 24, 2006

gDiaper Feedback

Hey, I just wanted to share Kellsey's comments on the gdiaper. She just ordered the starter kit a couple of days ago:

"Okay, people, I have officially used the gdiaper. WOW. That is awesome. Just awesome. The marketing is great, the packaging is phenomenal, and the ease of use was truly unbelievable. I loved having the velcro on the back. For the first time in months I was able to let Aidan run around in his diaper without him pulling the velcro tabs apart and undoing the cover. He was SUCH a cute boy in his bright green diaper cover. Also, the gatherings on the leg openings were FANTASTIC!! Best fit for a diaper cover yet.

I also want to say that I have a low-flow toilet (arg!) and even so, it was not a problem to flush the "flushable". I wound up putting the suction cup on the side of the toilet, that way the swish stick drips into the toilet brush holder. I figure that the toilet brush is already nasty, so what's a little more nasty on top?

Having said that, Linds, i think you have a great idea about the special container that is periodically cleaned out with bleach.

If you don't want to do cloth, but you're interested in doing something better than Pampers/huggies/luvs/etc for the environment, I HIGHLY recommend checking these babies out. It's $25 including the shipping for the "starter kit" with two covers, four liners, 10 flushables, and of course, the swish stick with it's fabulous suction cup.

Even if I do cloth for baby number 2 (and, no, we're not pregnant), I may use the gdiapers for the first 4 to 6 months when it's all breast milk all the time because then the poo is SO liquidy and these would be great for that.

Any questions? fun facts i did not cover that you want to know? ;-)"

awesome. i'm glad you re-posted this.
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