Friday, January 20, 2006

They've got my back.

Today I informed my fourth-graders that I'm making business cards and hoping to start drawing pencil portraits more seriously. Besides sweetly "oohing" and "ahhing" over my portfolio,

William immediately volunteered to be my art assistant.

Next Clark offered to be my secretary, then said he was "too disorganized."

Casey then volunteered to be my "organized secretary."

We decided I needed one of both: an disorganized secretary and and organized one. ("Give me all the stuff you don't care about," Clark told me.)

And finally, Isaac announced he would be my personal ninja.

That is too cute...I think everyone needs a personal ninja.
this is why i love this age group.
LOL! I miss teaching that age group, not enough to stick my two in day care, but I miss them just the same. If Lexi has the same degree of seperation anxiety as her sister (which is, none whatsoever) we may have to volunteer to teach Sunday School next year!
i love it. you definitely need a personal ninja. come to think of it, so do i.
Knowing those guys that would pretty well sum it up.
That's awesome!
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