Thursday, January 26, 2006

oh, the drama.

In first grade, we're making collages inspired by Matisse's "Beasts of the Sea." Yesterday, one of my students, A., brought his finished collage up for me to inspect. It was full of abstract fishy shapes, wave shapes, seaweedish shapes. A. pointed to a small turquoise triangle at the bottom of his paper.

"This fish is dead."
"Oh, he is? Is that why you put him at the bottom of your paper? Is he supposed to be on the sea floor?"
"Yes. He just died." A. got a mournful look on his face. "I don't know how. He may have hit his
head. I just don't know. But anyway, he's dead."
"Thanks for sharing that with me, A."
"You're welcome."

Sweetpea, I just read this post to my husband. We both laughed and then macon said, "Oh...(sigh at the end of a laugh) that's awesome. (giggle, chortle)"

Just thought you'd want to know.
yay! :0) i thought is was pretty darn cute, myself.
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